Greatest Difficulties Facing SEO In 2023 [Study Outcomes]

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When you’re preparing your method for next year, it’s vital to prepare for possible upsets and difficulties ahead.

This year, SEO practitioners conquered difficulties positioned by an absence of resources, concerns with strategy, and the capability to scale procedures.

Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, our State of SEO report discovers practitioners anticipate artificial intelligence and AI, Google updates, and the deprecation of third-party cookies to blaze a trail as the greatest shifts in SEO.

In this post, we’ll summarize essential information points from our report, highlight three major obstacles in particular, and look at pertinent SEO patterns that can help in your method advancement.

Lastly, we’ll go over the ramifications developments in artificial intelligence and AI has on search marketing. Will this new search innovation position a difficulty for you and your organization? Continue reading to learn what our experts state.

All of the insights here are driven by our first-party study data in the annual State Of SEO Report.

Summary Of Report Findings

When asked what were the greatest SEO challenges over the last 12 months, participants stated:

  1. Lack of resources (14.9%).
  2. Method concerns (12.3%).
  3. Scaling procedures (11.9%).
  4. Pandemic-related concerns (11.2%).
  5. Positioning with other departments (10.7%).

Budget cuts fell from the number one difficulty SEO professionals faced in 2021 to number six this year.

Nevertheless, the reality that lack of resources and scaling procedures were top difficulties in 2022 suggests that 2021’s budget plan cuts had a long lasting impact.

Expecting prospective hazards in 2023, we asked participants to choose approximately three “greatest shifts” and industry changes in SEO. Here are their top reactions:

  • Machine learning and AI (18.7%).
  • Google updates (18.0%).
  • Third-party cookie deprecation (13.9%).
  • Google zero-click pages (12.9%).
  • Competition for talent (11.5%).

Elements SEO experts are enjoying as emerging factors are:

  • Machine learning and AI (11.3%).
  • Core Web Vitals (10.8%).
  • EAT & trusted sources (10.2%).
  • Mobile SEO (9.8%).
  • SERP functions (8.3%).

SEO Pros Typically Deal With Limited Resources

Lack of resources came in as the top obstacle faced by SEOs in 2022.

There’s little doubt that the industry is feeling the effects of budget cuts incurred in 2021, though another reason for the limited resources is that lots of SEOs aren’t dealing with large teams.

Over 40% of respondents report dealing with a team of 10 or fewer members, while approximately 5% stated they work on their own.

Including new employee might prove tough in the next year or more.

The State Of SEO Report enters into deeper information about the difficulties dealing with SEO professionals and what they’re fretted about next year.

Current And Continuing Growth Might Show Challenging

Several of the SEO shifts predicted for 2023 and beyond are possible obstacles to growth.

Recent and continuing growth may prove challenging without the ability to scale as a group, and competition for talent is anticipated to be a major cause for issue over the next two years.

Deprecation of third-party cookies makes it difficult for SEO pros and online marketers to sustain current growth, as they’ll be anticipated to deliver the same or much better outcomes with fewer information.

Technique Is An Issue For Numerous SEO Pros

SEOs noted technique issues as one of their biggest challenges over the last 12 months.

Method problems might show that SEO specialists are having a hard time to prove their ROI (roi).

While over half of SEO professionals (58.0%) we surveyed reported a boost in the ROI for their work, many had a hard time to prove ROI, and 29% of SEO experts reported sensation ambivalent about their ROI.

In our chapter on Winning Techniques And Measuring SEO Success, we talk about how ROI problems are typically the outcome of a detach between a brand name’s target goals and the data being tracked.

SEO Pros Expect Artificial Intelligence And AI To Have A Big Impact

Topping the list of most significant shifts over the next 2 years, as expected by SEO pros, is machine learning and AI.

Furthermore, machine learning and AI were the leading actions when SEO pros were asked to rank what they think will be the most essential emergent consider 2023.

To understand better why artificial intelligence and AI are at the top of everyone’s minds, we turned to our internal professionals to get more context.

Shelley Walsh, the SEO material strategist at SEJ, doesn’t see AI and machine learning having the ability to replace human decision-making at any time quickly. Even more, she does not recommend relying too greatly on AI-powered tools for developing content:

“As a disruptor, I can’t yet see AI being able to replace critical decisions and options where there are numerous routes to take, and you have to make a choice based upon expertise. The tool is just as good as the individual driving it. At the moment, there is a flood of tools powered by GPT-3.

These are excellent for low-end volume material, such as item descriptions, however they expand the divide and elevate well-researched thought management quality material. As specific niches online become saturated by AI-spun content, the quality will be the only method to stick out. Ultimately, overuse will just have a detrimental effect.”

To see all of the first-party study data and find out more insights, download the State Of SEO Report.

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